An inventor and a borrower

A French invention imagined by a mother of three children. The most ingenious ideas are often born from situations that we find ourselves confronted with and for which no one has yet come up with a solution. This is how Limo was born in 2016 in the spirit of Bénédicte Perrot, founder of Vidiamo. 

 "With 3 young children, even the smallest of everyday journeys or holiday trips become a real challenge. The idea of the limo came to me one day when my second daughter didn't want to go any further, complaining that she was tired and wanted to put herself in the stroller instead of her little brother. If only I had a second seat that I could get out right now and only when I needed it...! » 



After 15 years spent working in the world of luxury and ready-to-wear for companies such as Celine, Ralph Lauren and Bonpoint, this mother of three children left everything to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship with her company Vidiamo (a reference to her children's first names Victoire, Diane and Amaury) and create a new generation stroller designed for all families. 

Exactly what every parent would like to have. Vidiamo invents a simple, compact and handy stroller that can do everything, including being double when needed. After 4 years of design, development and certification, the Limo was born in January 2019. A feat in an ultra-competitive market that is constantly looking for innovation!

This magic folding seat invented by Vidiamo can do it all...Use it for a second seat or to put down the shopping bag... simple to double in one click. Practical and easy to use, the limo becomes a limousine for all kinds of situations. The folding seat can be used to make an extra bed, or a perfect changing table when you don't know where to put everything. A real revolution for parents who want it all in one.


Concerned about the well-being of families, we want to be available at all times for our customers and help them make the right choice. We also give them tips and tricks to better use the limo and optimize all its possibilities, without forgetting to listen to them to improve the stroller and accessories. 

A real concentrate of technologies recently awarded by a jury of parents and experts at the Grand Prix Mam'Advisor 2020 in the Nomadic Childcare category for its ingenuity and modularity, in the face of stiff competition from international brands that have been established for many years!