Shopping bag

All parents know the difficulties of shopping with a stroller. You have to choose carefully what you buy so that everything fits in the basket under the stroller. Or we try to add more where we can... This is finally over.

At Vidiamo, we finally thought of you !!! When you go out of your house to do your shopping or simply to go shopping, you will finally be able to buy everything you need and what you like ! Thanks to our shopping bag that folds flat to slip into the basket under the stroller, shopping will no longer be a chore but a pleasure;

One of the 10 configurations of the Limo stroller allows you, when your stroller is in the single position, to take out the folding seat to place the shopping bag. Ultra-practical, it slides easily onto the back of the folding seat thanks to its elastic bands. Simply pull on the two handles to lift it out of place. Its handles allow you to carry it on your shoulder like a handbag, or with one hand. Its removable bottom makes it easy to fold and store under the stroller. The fabric on top, with a cord, closes the bag and protects its contents. 

This ultra-practical square-shaped bag can hold up to 18kg of loads (or more). Its handles make it easy to lift and carry it on the shoulder.

The Limo's shopping bag is ideal for shopping or carrying whatever you want. If you go to the park, you can put a picnic, games, a blanket... in short, everything you need to unclutter your arms! You can also use our shopping bag to store your groceries in your car.

  • A wide opening with an adjustable drawstring allows you to open and close the bag easily.
  • The top of the basket is wide and flexible in order to save even more space and fill it to the brim.
  • Thanks to the elastics, you can put it on and take it off the back of the seat in a second.
  • The bottom of the tote bag is removable for clever flat folding and space saving when not in use.
  • You can find it in our 5 colors, matching your limo stroller: black, petrol blue, carbon gray, khaki green and raspberry red. 

Dimensions :