Limo scooter holder

How many times has your child asked you to take his/her scooter for a ride or to follow you in a simple race?

And how many times have you had to negotiate with your child to get him to change his mind and follow you on foot, only to finally give in to his desire for independence?

All this to let go of the famous scooter after 50 metres with the little sentence we all love "I'm fed up, I'm tired, can I go in your arms? ». Help! And what do we do now? Well we've been through it so many times that at Vidiamo we've invented the only indispensable accessory for parents all over the world, the scooter hook !!! 

A real revolution for parents!

This ingenious and unique accessory that clips easily to the structure (on the lower side of the handlebars) allows you to easily hook the bar of your scooter or scooter-driver.

Its 25mm extendible diameter makes it compatible with most scooters on the market. You won't have to worry about it when you leave home... thanks to the limo, you can take everything without the risk of a tantrum!


  • Compatible with most brands of scooters (Micro, Globber, Decathlon,...) but also with scooters and small bikes.
  • Dimension: 6cm*7,5cm*4,8cm 


A revolutionary accessory for a revolutionary stroller. Another VIDIAMO invention, the scooter hanger will finally allow you to hang the scooter or the carrier of your child on the stroller so that the arms of this object are no longer encumbered. 

What parent hasn't experienced the pain of having to carry their child's scooter, scooter or bike just a few minutes after leaving home? You've dreamed about it, Vidiamo has done it !!!! No need to compromise anymore, you can take his scooter or the bike for him if he wants to. He doesn't want it anymore, nothing simpler, you just get it back to clip it on the scooter hook and you can continue the ride in complete peace of mind.