Birth of a new French brand

The Vidiamo brand was born out of a parent's need. Shortcut of Victoire, Diane and Amaury, three children who inspired the creation of this ultra innovative French brand, through Vidiamo, Benedicte Perrot's goal was to make life easier for parents.  

Why complicate life with heavy and cumbersome strollers that don't meet our daily needs? Vidiamo is not only a young brand with an innovative product, it is above all a state of mind.

Vidiamo is a childcare brand thought up by a mother who wanted to make life easier for all parents and their children. Many products are still to be developed and we hope to be able to bring them all out and continue to change your life. In the meantime, the Limo is the perfect example of a search to optimize everything that already exists. Easy, practical, magical!

Limo by Vidiamo, much more than a stroller!

Cleverly designed, the Limo double stroller is a concentrate of technology with its folding seat hidden under the main seat that allows you to transform it in the blink of an eye into a booster bed or changing table, but also to carry your shopping or to easily have a seat already ready to go out in the front for a second child.

Vidiamo Limo offers you a unique double stroller in the world.

Limo by Vidiamo, the new generation stroller,
fully modular and upgradeable! 

A patented French innovation, the Vidiamo Limo stroller is the result of four years of research and development.

Perfect for a first child thanks to its sturdy yet comfortable structure with its four suspensions, the Vidiamo Limo is surprising with its telescopic chassis and its practical and ingenious folding seat. Hidden under the main seat, it allows you to switch from a stroller to a cot in one click to allow your child to sleep fully reclined, or even to a changing table to change him/her anywhere with ease.

Finally, the chore of shopping with a stroller is now a thing of the past, as the folding seat has also been designed to accommodate a shopping bag that can hold up to 18kg of load.

From the second child on, it's a real revolution for parents looking for an all-in-one stroller! No more need for a second stroller, a board attached to the back or a heavy and cumbersome double stroller. The folding seat can be transformed into a seat and in one click, the Limo by Vidiamo becomes a double stroller with ease.

With its 10 different configurations, including easy folding and standing upright, the Limo is an outstanding travel companion that follows the family's evolution and adapts to any situation.